A brand new day May 18, 2015 09:47

Welcome to my new site - Adversity brings progress to YilaSophia

10 past 2 in the morning and something is niggling. My intuition woke me from what I would describe as a peaceful sleep.

What, what, what – time will tell. So I do what I normally do – stroll down to my studio. Breathing the crisp air of Autumn and the whisper of the wind through the trees to have faith.

So, by midday – I found the horror of horrors, a reality - my website/domain……HACKED.


Today I am launching my new improved, beautiful website. The new virtual home of YilaSophia.

This, my first blog of hopefully many, and another addition other than the online shop – to share with you what is new {ideas that came to life}, a peak into my creative days and the inspiration that is all around.

From panic, anger, disappointment and long hours redoing – YilaSophia has a new virtual home and I am very happy and proud.